P-51D-10-NA 44-14164 "Detroit Miss", flown by 1st Lt. Urban Drew (6 air and 1 ground kills), 375th FS/361th FG, Little Walden/England October 1944.

A former instructor, Urban Drew came to the Group just after D-Day and flew with it until November 1944. Drew had the unique distinction of destroying two Me 262s in the air on single mission. He achieved this feat 8 October 1944 when he bounced the German jets just as they were taking off. This earned Drew a much belated Air Force Cross, awarded on 12 May 1983!! After his tour in ETO, he was transferred to the Pacific with the 414th FG.

This skin uses the edited 3dz-models made by Joćo "Muas" Martins and Claudio Wilches's news cockpit files set.