New 'Gustav' on site today.

Me109G-6/R3 of an unidentified unit (probabilly JG104 training unit) found by Allied troops on Pilsen 
airfield, Czechoslovakian, on 1945 Spring.



New 109 on my page today.

Me109G-6/R3 flown by Hptm.Ludwing Franzisket  of I/JG27 against the Allied bombers offensive over 
Austria in May 1944.

Another update is the correct photo of the M.llo Cavagliano on 5°Squadriglia page. It's sent me personally from  Cavagliano's son. He's done a very nice site on his father to gigitreosei. It deserve a visit



Today 318th FG, a new Pacific group, has added on site with three P47.

P-47D-20-RA, flown by Maj.Henry McAfee,  19th FS/318th FG, Saipan, July 1944.

P-47D-11-RE,  "Dee Icer", 73th FS/318th FG, Saipan, June 1944.

P-47D-6-RE, 333th FS/318th FG, Saipan, July 1944.

I've done also a dirty version for "Dee Icer" Jug.


Update the 

 P-400 s/n unknow "Pat", 39th FS/35th FG, flown by Lt. Eugene Wahl, Port Moresby, New Guinea, May 1942. 

The file had a problem with the upper fuselage and 'Pat' name. Now you can download the correct file.



Today here my second career skin. I've chosen ones most well know pacific group, The 35th.
It's divided to three parts. This is the first for its early days on New Guinea.

P-400 BW176, 39th FS/35th FG, flown by Lt. Charles King (5 kills), Port Moresby, New Guinea, June 1942.

P-39K-1 s/n 42-4358, 40th FS/35th FG, flown by Lt. William McDonough (5 kills), Nadzab, New Guinea, February 1943.

P-400 s/n unknow "Pat", 39th FS/35th FG, flown by Lt. Eugene Wahl, Port Moresby, New Guinea, May 1942.

P-39D-2 s/n 41-38506, 41th FS/35th FG, flown by Lt. Lioyd'Yogi'Rosser (1 kill), Port Moresby, New Guinea, 
April-June 1943.



IJAAF go in my site with two skins on ones best  its planes; Ki-84 'Hayate'.

Unmarked Ki-84-Ko of the Army Flight Test Center, flown by MSgt. Isamu Sasaki, Fusse Airfield, Tokyo, 1945.

Ki-84-Kou of the Army Special Attack Force # 182 Shinbu-Tai, flown by its leader 1st Lt. Iwamoto, August 1945, 
Tatebayashi, Japan.



After the OD razorback in my 4th FG career skin pack, now I've done a silver version of this plane that I love much to fly in Eaw. I've chosen the 325th FG for this subject. This group was missing from my USAF skin page. 

P-47D-10-RE  "Topper" flown by Lt.Warren F. Penny, 317th FS/325th FG, San Pancrazio/Italy, Spring 1944.



A new pacific fighter group is now on site.

P-38J-15-LO "Si Si Senor", 67th FS/347th FG, Mindoro/Philippenes, January 1945.



Today new is a one RAF (SEAC) P47.

P-47D-30-RE , RAF SEAC 34st FS, Meiktila 1945.



4th FG Career Skins Set is ready for download. It consist of eleven news skins with all 4th FG camoufages, from the early Thunderbolt  (March 1943) to last K-Mustang (April 1945) missions. The skins are:

P-47D-1-RE  "Boise Bee" flown by Lt.Duane 'Bee' Beeson, 334th FS/4th FG, Debden/England,January 1944.

P-51B-5-NA  "Bee" flown by Lt.Duane 'Bee' Beeson , 334th FS/4th FG, Debden/England, March 1944.

P-51B-5-NA  "Ill Wind" flown by Capt. Nicholas 'the Cowboy' Megura, 334th FS/4th FG, Debden/England, April 1944.

Early and late version for P-51B-15-NA  "Salem Representative", flown by Flight Officer Ralph 'Kidd' Hofer, 334th FS/4th FG, Debden/England, April 1944.

P-51D-5-NT  "Marjorie" flown by Lt. Paul Burnett, 334th FS/4th FG, Debden/England, May 1944.

P-51B-15-NA  "The Deacon", flown by Maj. Howard D.'Deacon'Hively, 334th FS/4th FG, Debden/England, June 1944.

P-51D-5-NT, flown by Capt. Spiros Pisanos, 334th FS/4th FG, Debden/England, June 1944.

P-51D-15-NA  "Sizzlin Liz" flown by Maj. Gerard Montgomery, 334th FS/4th FG, Debden/England,October 1944.

P-51D-15-NA  "The Deacon", flown by Maj. Howard D. 'Deacon' Hively , 334th FS/4th FG, Debden/England, January 1945.

P-51K-5-NT  "Iron Ass", flown by Lt.Col. Jack Oberhansly, 334th FS/4th FG, Debden/England, March 1945.

Good campaign!


A new 8th Fighter Group is present on site, the 356th.

P-51D-15-NA  "Jersey Jerk" flown by Maj. Don Strait, Officer Commanding and top ace of 361th 
FS/356th FG, Martlesham Heath/England, December 1944/Juanary 1945.



After a long time waiting in my project I've completed the 

Me109K-4 "Red Tulip" of the Staß/JG52, found on Deutsch Brod airport, May 1945. With it is open also JG52's page.


Two news mustang on site.

P-51D-20-NA  "Sherman was right!" 1st. Lt. Frank E. Oiler, 84th FS/78th FG, Metfield/England, March 1945.

P-51D-5-NA  "Fickle Fanny" 1st. Lt.William J. Cullerton, 357th FS/355th FG, Steple Morden/England, post November 1944.



New Iwo Jima's group on site today. 506th FG's  462nd FS.

P-51D-25-NT  "Dinn B." Lt Willie Willis, 462th FS/506th FG, Iwo Jima, May 1945.


Two update on site today and one new 9th A.F. Fighter Group.

Claudio Wilches send me a new 3dz file for Mc.200/202 cockpit wing views. I've updated first Mc.202.

Macchi Mc.202 Serie VII,"Dai Banana" flown by Serg. Magg. Ennio Tarantola,  151° Squadriglia, 20° Gruppo, 51°Stormo, "Gatti Neri", Gela/Italy September 1942.

A friend from the SimHQ forum (Stratos) tell me of some problem with cockpit prop views in M.llo Carlo Cavagliano's Me109G-6  . I've find the bug and fix it with Claudio (The Master) Wilches new Me109's cockpit wing views.

A new F.G present today on site is 371st with P-47D-30-RA  flown of Maj.Rockford V. Gray , CO and only ace of the 371st FG, Metz/Frascaty (Y-34), March 1945.


Three new skins with a new 9th A.F. Fighter Group today.

P-47D-28-RE  "Dorothy K" of Capt.Tallmadge Ambrose, 410th FS/373rd FG, Venlo (Y-55), April 1945.

P-47D-30-RA 44-33813 "Balls Out" of Lt.Mitt Thompson, 509st FS/405th FG, Ophoven (Y-32), early 1945.

and Capt. Ugo Drago wingman,

Me109G-6 flown by M.llo Carlo Cavagliano 4° Squadriglia "Caneppele", II° Gruppo A.N.R."Diavoli Rossi", Aviano/Italy November 1944.


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