Graet new today.

Time ago Chompy send me his new P-51D's cowling no-mirror file for a skin test. Latest skins program has delay this work until today. Now I've finished  my first skin with this new cowling, choosing a 353rd FG plane seeing that this Fighter Group not was present in my collection.

P-51D-20-NA  "Betty-E" Lt. Col. Wayne Blickenstaff , 350th FS/353th FG, Metfield/England, March 1945.

I've done also a "Jug" for this Group.

P-47D-30-RE  "Prudence 5" of Lt. William F. Tanner, 350th FS/353rd FG, Metfield/England, December 1944.

Cheers for all.


One new 9th A.F. group is present now to USAAF Skins page; 367th "Dynamite Gang" with

P-47D-30-RE  "Just Bess" of Lt.Arnold L. Abel, 392nd FS/367th FG, Eschborn (Y-74), Germany, May 1945.


Sparviero has arrived.

Five skins are present today.

Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 Serie III, 192°Squadriglia, 87°Gruppo, 30°Stormo, Spring 1942.

Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 Serie III, 193°Squadriglia, 87°Gruppo, 30°Stormo, Sicily 1941.

Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 Serie XL, flown by Ten.Eugenio Marescalchi, 253°Squadriglia, 104°Gruppo, 46°Stormo, Summer 1942.

Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 Serie VL, 281°Squadriglia, 132°Gruppo Autonomo, flown by Magg. C.E. Buscaglia, Rodi 1941.

Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 Serie VL, 280°Squadriglia, 130°Gruppo Autonomo A.S., Elmas 1941.

Thank so much for Capitan Kurt for his news editing 3dzs files for to do this plane.


Claudio Wilches have done a beautiful 3dz model for Me109G and send me it for skin Regia's Gustav. I've done four plane.

Me109G-6 Trop. flown by Tenente (1st. Lt.) Ugo Drago,  CO 363° Squadriglia, 150° Gruppo 
Autonomo C.T. "Gigi tre osei", Sciacca/Italy June 1943.

Me109G-6 Trop.  flown by Capitano (Cpt.) Mario Bellagambi,  CO 364° Squadriglia, 150° Gruppo 
Autonomo C.T."Gigi tre osei", Sciacca/Italy June 1943.

Me109G-6 Trop.,  70° Squadriglia "Vespa Arrabbiata" (angry wasp), 23° Gruppo, 3° Stormo, Cerveteri/Italy August 1943.

Me109G-6 Trop.,  154° Squadriglia "Diavoli Rossi" (red devils), 3° Gruppo Autonomo, Comiso/Italy July 1943.


Ju87 "Picchiatello" is the new today. Two news skins that enclose new Claudio Wilches' cockpit (thank so much Claudio).

Junkers Ju87-B "Picchiatello" M.M.7034, 239° Squadriglia, 102° Gruppo "Tuffatori", 5° Stormo, flown by Capt.Giuseppe Cenni, Sicily 1941.

Junkers Ju87-B "Picchiatello" M.M.5763, 209° Squadriglia, 102° Gruppo Autonomo "Tuffatori", 1942


Two news on site today.

WWII Italian gunsight "San Giorgio" is available on download page. 

Macchi Mc.202 Serie VII,"Dai Banana" flown by Serg. Magg. Ennio Tarantola,  151° Squadriglia, 20° Gruppo, 51°Stormo, "Gatti Neri", Gela/Italy September 1942.


Two news Br.20 in three colors camouflage.

Fiat Br.20M,  277 Sq., 116° Gr., 37° Stormo B.T., Grottaglie, April 1942.

Fiat Br.20M,  9° Sq., 25° Gr., 7° Stormo B.T., Lonate Pozzolo,December 1941.


Other two skins for Sm.81 "Pipistrello" are ready.

Savoia Marchetti Sm.81 214°Squadriglia, 52° Gruppo, 34° Stormo B.T., Catania October 1940.

Savoia Marchetti Sm.81 600°Squadriglia Autonoma B.T./Trasporto, Gruppi Speciali, Sorman/Libia, March 1942.

Update also the project page.

Coming soon Sm.79 "Sparviero"!


Another Italian bomber has added to my collection.

Savoia Marchetti Sm.81 202 Squadriglia B.T.

The excellent Capitan Kurt's 3dz work has allowed of to have one new bomber in Eaw.


The 348th has arrived. Six news skins for all Group's Squadron has downloaded.

P-51K-10-NT  "Sunshine VII", of Lt Col William T Banks, CO of the 348th FG, Ie Shima, July 1945.

P-51K-10-NT  "Mrs. Bonnie" of Lt Col William D. Dunham, 348th FG, Ie Shima, August 1945.

P-51K-10-NT  "Josie" Lt. Michael Dikovitsky, 340th FS/348th FG, San Marcelino, January 1945.

P-51K-10-NT  "Lil Lassie" Lt. Howard Lorenz, 341th FS/348th FG, Philippines, January 1945.

P-51D-25-NA  "Lady Marion" Lt. K.W. Greever, 342th FS/348th FG, Philippines, January 1945.

P-51K-10-NT  "Nadine" of Capt George Della, 460th FS/348th FG, Floridablance, May-June 1945.


Second Iwo Jima Fighter Group is on-line. All Squadrons (46th, 72nd, 531th) of 21th are available on USAAF skins page.

You there find:

P-51D-20-NA "Tiny Gay Baba", 46th FS/21th FG, Iwo Jima (South Field), July 1945.

P-51D-20-NA "Queen Bea", 72nd FS/21th FG, Iwo Jima (South Field), July 1945.

P-51D-20-NA "My Ach'in!", flown by Maj. Harry C Crim (6 kills),CO 531th FS/21th FG, Iwo Jima (South Field) July 1945.

In next days the 348th coming soon.


In this days looking a publication on Fw190D-9, I noted a very interesting end war photo take in Danmark on JG1 "Dora". This plane carried under wings R4M rockets and displaied a full RVD red band. I don't knew that  this unit was re-equipped with last 190s versions. I had to have ones in my collection.

Fw190D-9  W.Nr. Unknown (600xxx Fiesler batch), JG1 likely StaB Geschwader.


Tonight a new USAAF Group is present.

P-47D-30-RE  "Stinky" of Lt.Don Volkmer, 365th FS/358th FG, Sandhofen (Y-79), 
Germany, May 1945.

The 358th Fg was already present on site, with old mirror skins. Now also this group has its no-mirror "Jug".


Third Italian's skins set is ready.

Macchi Mc.202 Serie III, flown by Ten. Emanuele Annoni,  96° Squadriglia 9° Gruppo 4° Stormo "Cavallino Rampante" Comiso/Italy 14 October 1941.

Macchi Mc.200 Serie II, 355° Squadriglia, 21° Gruppo, 53° Stormo C.T., Roma/Ciampino December 1940.

All skins are in continental camouflage scheme.


Second set of italian skins is ready.

Macchi Mc.202 Serie VIII  85° Squadriglia 18° Gruppo 3° Stormo C.T. "Vespa Arrabbiata" Summer 1942.

Macchi Mc.202 Serie XIII  373° Squadriglia 153° Gruppo 53° Stormo C.T., Caltagirone/Italy early September 1942.

In next couple of days the third set will be ready.


First Italian desert skins are ready. They're:

Fiat Br.20 277° Sq., October 1941

G.50bis of Sergente Maggiore Aldo Buvoli (6 kills), 378°Squadriglia, 155° Gruppo Autonomo, Castel Benito,9 July 1941.

G.50bis 150°Squadriglia, 2° Gruppo. 6° Stormo, 1941.

Fiat Cr.42 flown by Ten.(Lt.)Mario Visintini (17 kills) CO 412° Squadriglia Autonoma December 1940.

Cheers for all and good flight.


With the news LLv34_Doc's 3dz files for Fw190D-9, I to have to update ones my Dora.  The choice is drop on JG26's Fw. Hermann Sinz and his  5. Staffel bird, that him flown to Lister/Norway on 5 May 1945 in VE-Day.

Big news for future. My Italian desert skins are nearly to finish. They'll comprise skins for Fiat G.50, Fiat Cr.42, Fiat Br.20, and one new Macchi Mc.202 in desert camouflage. Also to come the Japan skins page with all new Ki.100 and Ki.84 'Frank' aces plane. In short the second 'Iwo Jima Boyz' set with all 21th F.G.'s Squadrons Mustang skins.




I've completed, at last,  the much delay Pacific mustangs. This is first set that comprising the three 15th FG's Squadrons from Iwo Jima Island on 1945. 

P-51D-20-NA  "Stinger VII", flown by Maj. Robert W Moore ,CO 45th FS/15th FG, Iwo Jima (South Field) June 1945.

P-51D-20-NA  "Lil's Butch", 47th FS/15th FG, Iwo Jima (South Field), May 1945.

P-51D-20-NA  "Margaret IV", flown by Maj. James Buckley Tapp , CO 78th FS/15th FG, Iwo Jima (South Field), April-May 1945.

To addition another 8th AF Groups is now present in my site, the 361th with one aircraft most well-know.

P-51D-10-NA  "Detroit Miss", flown by 1st Lt. Urban Drew, 375th FS/361th FG, Little Walden/England October 1944.



My future projects are many. But sure all my skins will update to no-mirror mode. This is first. But it's all new. Actually is fastest an all new skin that re-draw one old.

Me109 G-10/R3 I./JG300 flown by Fw. Alfons Zeder, Febbruary  1945,  Zebrst . 

This skin is download with two models. Clean and with heavy exhaust staining.



News in download section and in USAAF and Luftwaffe pages.

HANGAR SCREENS COLLECTION Part.2  is last Marco.fax's works. He send me six screens.

Me109G-6/R3  of  5./JG 2, Javincourt, France, Autumn 1943.

P-47D-28-RE  "Live Bait" of Capt. Clayton K. Gross , 355th FS/354th FG, Rosieres en Haye (A-98), France, December 1944.


New Messerschmitt in Luftwaffwe's skins page.

Me109G-10/R3 W.Nr.unknow KG(J)54, Germany, April 1945. My interest for this camouflage is of many year ago, when I costructed a 1/48 model. Now today i can fly it also!




In the very last year's day I've some news. First of all news Marco.fax download.

A Russian Utility Pilot Career Pack that contains an fsmplane.wsp=replace british and american plane with russian plane.

A Italian utility Pack with new symbol ( Royal House of Savoia ) will appear in some screens.

Now four news skins. I've marked that fourth nation on my site's visit counter is Australia. It's wonderful. A so distant  and lovely place, deserve a dedicate skin:

P-51K-5-NT, 84th Squadron RAAF, Townsville Queensland, 1945. Thank you Australian friends!

The others skins are:

P-51D-5-NA  "Miss Marylin II", flown by 1st.Lt. E Robert Welch , 343rd FS/55th FG, Wormingford/England November 1944.

P-47D-28-RE  "Sleepy Jean the 3rd" pilot unknow, 395th FS/368th FG, St.Dizier (A-64), France, May 1945.

Me109G-14/R3  3./JG53, Budak, August 1944.

Cheers for all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!


Two news Macchi mc.202s in continental camouflage scheme.

Macchi Mc.202 Serie III flown by Capt. Franco Bordoni-Bisleri detto "Robur"  85° Squadriglia 18° Gruppo 3° Stormo C.T. "Vespa Arrabbiata" Summer 1942.

Macchi Mc.202 Serie XIII  378° Squadriglia, 155° Gruppo Autonomo C.T. "Gatti neri" (Black cats), Sicily, July  1943.



Yoxford Boys' Mustang like my. Those two skins are first of a series of skins on this unit. Here there's also my first all olive drab mustang.

P-51D-20-NA  "Master Mike", flown by Maj. Joe Broadhead, CO 362nd FS/357 FG.

P-51K-5-NT "Muddy", flown by Lt. Jim Gasser,362nd FS/357 FG.


News for today my first Italian skins. I've chose the airplane of the two Italian Air Force's ace of aces. Both the aircraft are camouflage in "sand and spinach" (so know by English RAF) desert scheme. Third skin is a D-Day "Jug" in full invasion stripes. Good fly for all!

P-47D-25-RE  "Coffey's Pot" of Ten.Col.Robert Coffey, CO 365th FG, France, July 1944.

Macchi Mc.202 Serie V, flown by Capt. Adriano Visconti, 86° Squadriglia, 16° Gruppo, 54° Stormo C.T., North Africa Spring 1942.

Macchi Mc.202 Serie III, flown by Capt. Franco Lucchini,  84° Squadriglia 10° Gruppo 4° Stormo C.T. "Cavallino Rampante" 'Francesco Baracca',  North Africa Spring 1942.



News by Marco.fax. He send me three news career screen for new Eaw's Italian,Midway and Russian campaigns. Those has fine background, and historical menu.  



TUSKEEGE AIRMAN has arrived.

Two all news skins of the famous red tails are now available for download.

P-51D-15-NA  "Bunnie", flown by Capt. Roscoe C. Brown, CO 100th FS/332 FG;
P-51D  "Little Freddie", flown by Lt. Freddie Hutchins, 302nd FS/332nd FG.


Major Lee send me a beautiful dedicated Italian Screen. Just for waiting Emil's Mediterran Campaign.

Thank you so much Major!


First (of a lot of) early  P-51D-5 no fin fillet. 

P-51D-5-NA  "The Hun Hunter" flown by Lieutenant Henry W. Brown,  354th Fighter Squadron, 355th Fighter Group.


Marco send me his last new. 

Italian Career Screen with six news images for a Regia Aereonautica's campaign. Those files will be very useful with future waiting Emil's Mediterran campaign, for recreate the Italian airports' atmosphere.


Alavaro Hunters's Jug  P-47D-25-RE 42-28210 "My Baby", CO 40th FS/35th FG,  December 1944-January 1945, is now ready for download on 35th FG page.

This is first skin of a lot of pacific Usaaf planes. Look to project page.


9th USAAF Air Force Battle of Bulge's P-51Ds. Ready for new Emil's campaign on Ardennes. They're : 

P-51D-5-NA  "City of Paris" 380th Fighter Squadron, 363th Fighter Group.

P-51D-5-NA   "Hoo Flung Dung" flown by Major Robert McWherter  382th Fighter Squadron, 363th Fighter.


New Mustang galore, P-51D-5-NA  flown by Major James A. Goodson ,Officer Commanding 336th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group, Debden/England June 1944.


I add a new Mustang skin. "Chuck" Yaeger P-51D for early and late versions. You go to USAAF 357th FG page 


New project  IWO-JIMA BOYZ is visible on project page.


Marco.fax have done a new the Part.2 of his Russian Hangar Screens. This contain news aircrafts that you can flown in russian campaign using EAW ECA Panel 3.7. You find this new update on download page. 

I've re-issued my IV./JG26 campaign skins for to be single download on my pages.

P-47D-28-RA, 511th FS/405th FG.

P-47D-30-RA, "Mary" 492th FS/48th FG. 

P-47D-27 42-26919  "Shirley Jane III" of Capt. Edwin O'Fisher, 377FS/362FG.

P-47D-26-RA s/n 42-28217, "Dixie", flown by Lt. Don Madden  23rd FS, 36th FG.

P51D-15-NA  "Ole's III", flown by Major William J. Hovde, leader of 358th FS/355th FG

P51D-25-NA  , flown by Capt. Charles Weaver 362nd FS/357th FG

P51D-5-NA  "Yi Yi" flown by 1st Leutenant Francis Gerard, 503rd FS/339th FG.

P51D-20-NA  83rd FS, 78th FG.


Fw190D-9  15./JG26, flown by Lt. Hans Prager.

Me109G-14/AS 14./JG27.

Me109K-4 13./JG27 flown by Fw. Lichtenegger.


Last news 3dz no-mirror skins with Maus and Winger69 3dz file. 

P-51D-25-NA  "Costance"  flown by Major George Ceuleers, 383rd Fighter Squadron, 364th Fighter Group.

P-51D-25-NA  "Lucky Lady VII"  flown by Captain Ernest 'Ernie' Bankey, 385th Fighter Squadron, 364th Fighter Group.

P-47D-27-RE 42-27275 "The King" of Lt.Col. Royal N Baker, CO 48th FG.


Six USAAF P-51Ds skins are online.

P-51D-5-NA  "Heat Wave" flown by 1st Lt. Claude Crenshaw , 369th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group;

P-51D-5-NA  "Happy Jack's Go Buggy" flown by Capt. Jack E.M. Ilfrey , 79th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Group,;

P-51D-15-NA  "Man O' War" flown by Colonel Clairborne Kinnard Jr, , Officer Commanding 355th Fighter Group; 

P-51D-25-NA  "Red Dog XII" flown by Major Louis 'Red Dog' Norley ,Officer Commanding 334th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group.

P-51D-25-NA  "Scat VI" flown by Major Robin Olds, 434th Fighter Squadron, 479th Fighter Group.

P-51D-25-NA  "The Shillelagh" flown by Lieutenant Colonel John Storch,Officer Commanding 364th Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group.


Marco.fax have done a collection of Hangar Screens. Those consist of Italian, Russian and a Generic Pack. Look those fine update for EAW in download page. 

Update also my project with the P-51D-5-NA  "Happy Jack's Go Buggy" flown by Capt. Jack E.M. Ilfrey. I'm updating all my skins with last 3dz models, create of João "Muas" Martins, Migge,  Winger69, Geo,  Capitan Manduca, Claudio Wilches, Paulo Morais, Panthfinder and many somebody (sorry for those I've forgotten).


Update the project page with  P-51D skin "Heat Wave"  369th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group.



IV./JG26 Campaign is (at last) on line. Look on download page.

Two news skin in preparation. Visit the project page.



New Me109K-4 skin. A aircraft by JG53 flown in March 1945. You find it in Luftwaffe  7 page.



Marco.fax has upgrade his Japan and Russian career screens. He's added for Japan, the rescue communication with a samurai image from game Shogun. For russian career he's given a Russian image to US screens.

You find the news in downloads page.




Second career screen by Marco. Russian screens with all necessary for your soviet career. Look in download page.



New Japan Career Screens by Marco. You'll find in this download news screens for aircraft outside,  barracks, external brief,  internal brief, pass document, office,  telegram shot. Now you're in IJAAF.




I have realized my first P-47D no-mirror with the winger69 work.



MARCO'S HANGAR PACKAGE V.2 have realized. He include  the hangars screen that you can use also in single mission. Go into download page.




My friend Marco have realized three news mainscreen for EAW campaign. Look to download page.



News from my project. The P51Ds skins for JG26 campaign have finished.



The holliday are over. I have resumed my job. Here there is last achievement for my  future JG26 campaign. I have finished the skin base for P51D. Like I have said in previous message on project page, I will enclose four news P-51 skins in my campaign, this is first. P-51D-5 s/n 44-13808 "Yi-Yi" flown by 1st Lt. Francis Gerard a 8 kills ace of 503rd F.S./339th F.G. that fought with IV./JG26 in March 1945.

This skin use the 3D model from João "Muas" Martins.



News on my future JG 26 campaign in project page. First two news skin that to shell be enclose.



Update the project page. P-47D skin work in progress, for a future 1945 JG26 campaign.



On line Fw 190D-9 5./JG26 with spinner spiral possible for the new 3dz files byClaudio Wilches.

Open the links section, obviously with Sandbagger site.



New in skins section. Now avaible two Me 109 that you could see in project page.

Me 109G-14 (K-slot) flown by  Oblt. Oskar Romm III./JG3  to use as escort for IV.(Sturm) gruppe and Me 109G-10/R3 of the A.N.R. aces Magg. Visconti.



New project in evolution a Me109K-4 JG53 late war look the section



Update the project section with two new Me109G flown by Magg. Visconti and Lt. Oskar Romm. The skins have been work out.

A new Me109 in skin section; Me 109G-14 (K-slot) flown by Magg. Carlo Miani Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana (A.N.R.) ace.



Update the project section with a Me 109G-14 II° Gruppo flown by Magg. Carlo Miani  A.N.R. ace.



I addons 3 new Me109's in skin page.

Me109G-10/R3 discover from U.S. troops in Munchen airfield in May 1945. Unknown unit.

Me109G-10/R3  W.Nr.490266 I° Gruppo 1° Squdriglia ANR, flown by Maresciallo Dino Forlani.

Me109G-14  W.Nr.464549 unknown unit ( probabily II./JG52) Germany, 1945.

I update the project section. I have begun to paint a new spinner spiral on a RLM 82-83 "Dora". This is possible using new Claudio Wilches Fw190D-9 3dz files. 


The project page is on line.

Addon Me 109G-10/R3 JG5 1944 skin.



Addons Magg. Visconti Italian aces Me 109G-10AS skin.



Addons a Eastern Front JG54 Focke Wulf 190A-8 skin.



Addons a 1945 SG.(Pz)9 Focke Wulf 190F-8 skin.