5° Squadriglia A.N.R.


Me109G-6 flown by M.llo Carlo Cavagliano (2 kills) 4° Squadriglia "Caneppele", II° Gruppo A.N.R."Diavoli Rossi", 
Aviano/Italy November 1944.

M.llo Cavagliano were for all the duration of the war the wingman of the Capt. Ugo Drago ace of the Italian Air Force. Credited with two victories, on June 24 1944, flown this Me109G-6 "Black 12" shot down a P-47D "Thunderbolt" of to French Group II/20 "Bretagne" over the Azzurra coast. 

This skin use new 3dz Model by Claudio Wilches.